Giving Back

In the digital age we are highly connected in a virtual capacity; yet there is a great risk for us to get physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually disconnected from each other. It is not healthy for anyone to feel alone as we all crave for love and support.  Caring and sharing, therefore, are essential to maintain good physical, emotional, intellectual, social and cultural health of individuals and societies.

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Mindful Surya Namaskar

In year 2009, during my certificate course, I failed to perform first 2 steps of a single Surya namskar as I was in so much of stress. The stress was not allowing me to perform a single Surya namskara cycle properly at that time. I took this as a positive challenge and used it as my motivation to achieve more than 12 times Surya namskar performance.

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Right Breathing

Each and everyone in the world begins inhaling and exhaling from the moment they are born in the world but is the method to do correct? Or can it be improved upon? Though all humans have the same basic respiratory system, the application of breathing varies from person to person due to varying levels of anxiety and/or stress. So, what is the correct way to breath?

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Germany News Paper

Praveen likes to do his yoga exercises on peaks – most recently on the Montblanc and the Grünten: It is a fluid movement when Praveen from India does his yoga exercises - he has his eyes closed and is completely with himself when he stretches out his body and enters the "dog" - a yoga exercise that looks like an inverted V. Recently he was even on the Zugspitze and the Grünten to make his sun greetings.

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When I first arrived in India I was about as stiff as a Britt's upper lip. Then one day that all changed when a roommate of mine took me to Yoga class at Yoganiketan. But still the first classes were difficult and I was making little progress. Until one day Praveen took me and my 2 roommates under his wing to teach us the ins and outs of Yoga. What started then and there was not only a great yoga journey but also a close and lasting friendship. Praveen is truly a teacher that cares about his pupils and pushes them to strive to be a better person, starting with Yoga.

-Raoul Deberg (Belgium)


“If you practice anything regularly, consistently for a long period of time it will obviously start becoming spontaneous and intuitive.”

“If you are honest, sincere and dedicated towards yogic practices Everything will become understandable by itself “

“If you are aware of the present moment without any judgement that will help you to keep stress and anxiety away from you.”

“If you practice anything repeatedly it will not remain same and it will become Being”          

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Mindful painting

Introducing a new method of working on Mind and expressing thoughts through creative skills and breathing.Mindful Painting is combination of Visual arts and Yoga, Meditation.It is “Catharsis” process means releasing “Emotions”.I would like to serve people through my experiences in fields of Visual arts(10+ years) and Yoga (8+ years)Nowadays many of us go through so […]

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