108 Surya Namaskar for the 8th time on a Mountain!

Eighth time performed 108 Surya Namaskars on a Mountain Top. On 14 September, 2019, I summited the  1986 meters “Aggenstein mountain” in Austria and performed 108 sun salutations in a short time of 27 mins. The temperature at the peak was around 10 degree temperature while performed 108 continuous repetitions of the Surya Namaskar.
I chose not to use a yoga mat and despite the difficulty caused by the uneven terrain lined with stones and gravel, I managed to acheive the feat.
As I  have mentioned earlier as well, climbing is similar to meditation for me. I use Breathing as my tool for carving myself in difficulty times on the mountain. It is also a tool of refreshment and one that re-energises me.
Description of the Mountain:
The Aggenstein is a 1,986 metres high mountain in the Allgäu Alps on the border of Bavaria, Germany and Tyrol, Austria. It is located in the Bavarian part of the Tannheim Mountains, a few kilometres south of Pfronten.
My learnings from Surya Namaskar:
Over the years since I have been practicing Surya Namaskars, it has made me stronger both physically and mentally. Surya Namaskars give me both the balance of mental and physical health. I feel charged to take on the challenges of life and face them with positive energy.
Mountains and Me:
To me, mountains have a deep connection with life. Climbing mountains is not always and linear and ascending process. Sometimes to reach the top, you climb up, and little bit down and then again up. It is very much the same in our lives. There are so many ups and downs but still we continue on the path to reach our goals. Once on top, you will forget your hardships and just enjoy the beautiful view of nature.This is what I always learn from mountains.
So far, in a period of three years (30th August 2016- 14th September 2019), I have performed 108 Surya Namaskars on mountain tops for a total of eight times in six different countries: France, Germany, Austria, Armenia, Nepal and India. I have been performing 108 Surya Namaskars regularly every day since (year).