Praveen Maripelly likes to do his yoga exercises on peaks – most recently on the Montblanc and the Grünten: It is a fluid movement when Praveen Maripelly from India does his yoga exercises - he has his eyes closed and is completely with himself when he stretches out his body and enters the "dog" - a yoga exercise that looks like an inverted V. Recently he was even on the Zugspitze and the Grünten to make his sun greetings. His dream is to climb the highest peaks of all continents and practice yoga there. Last weekend he climbed Montblanc (4810m), Europe's largest mountain. The Grünten with its 1737 meters was a relaxed alternation for the 32-year-old, who studied art in India. Maripelly is currently visiting an acquaintance in the Allgäu, which is why a hike in the region offered itself. Usually Maripelly is used to other conditions on his mountain tours on four and five thousand metre peaks or higher mountains: little oxygen and icy temperatures. Maripelly is convinced that his yoga practice helps him to cope better with the low oxygen content in the air. Since 2013 Maripelly has been making 108 sun salutations every day - a flowing movement of several yoga exercises. 108 is a sacred number in India. Yoga is the perfect workout for breathing, fitness and the mind, says Maripelly. "When I do the exercises, I feel better and full of energy." Yoga helped him find a way out of depression. Maripelly lost his parents very early. He also got rid of his migraine attacks and back pain with yoga. The 32-year-old attributes this to the special abdominal breathing technique that he has trained himself over the years. With this he breathes especially deeply and his body gets a lot of oxygen. Many people, on the other hand, breathed too shallowly. Two years ago Maripelly came up with the idea of making sun salutations not only at sea level but also in the mountains. At that time he was on his first 4200m peak (Manimahesh Kailash Peak) in India. A special challenge. "I'm not a climber." Surprisingly, however, he managed very well with the height and the lower oxygen content. He managed the 108 sun salutations in 30 minutes at minus three degrees. Maripelly felt confirmed in his yoga practice. After this experience he also made his sun greetings in the Everest Base Camp (5364 meters) in Nepal. With these actions he also wants to inspire other people how healthy yoga exercises can be for the body and mind. Maripelly's dream is to climb the highest mountain in the world, Mount Everest at 8848 meters. But now he is exploring the Allgäu. The most beautiful thing about the region and the mountains: "The clear, unpolluted air", says Maripelly

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