His Teaching

“Each Surya Namaskara is different from the other. Each Asana in each Surya Namaskara is different from the other asanas as well as from itself in each Surya Namaskara. And, every breath teaches you a new thing. After years of consistently practising 108 Surya Namaskaras every day, I have learned to experience and enjoy the Viram – pause, between two poses, between the Purak –inhalation and the Rechak – exhalation. It is in this transition of poses and the space between inhalation and exhalation that lies the secret to performing 108 Surya Namaskaras. And that comes only through practise.”
– Praveen Maripelly

Witnessing Praveen perform 108 Surya Namaskaras looks like a perfectly balanced fluid movement of the body and breath. He makes it appear so smooth and easy that it affirms in everyone’s mind that we too can achieve it. And, rightfully so, he has helped more than 500 people achieve the 108 target.

What makes Praveen an ideal guru is the fact that he doesn’t just preach. Years of consistent practise coupled with is divine insight into the working of the human body has helped him understand individual bodies and the way to guide them to improve flexibility. Traditionally, people perform just 12 cycles of Surya Namaskaras on a daily basis. There is also negative perception about performing Surya Namaskaras extensively as a mere physical sport. The biggest challenge that Praveen faces in training persons is this very mindset. For him, the human body is no challenge once you break the mental barriers. To prove naysayers wrong, he has been performing 108 Surya Namaskaras every day to bring forth and share with the world the divine benefits of this misunderstood spiritual practise.

Praveen puts great emphasis on the Sukshma – subtle, movements of each body part while performing Surya Namaskara. He guides his sadhaks to understand, recognize, correct and appreciate these finer movements of the body by explaining the importance of micro and stretching exercises prior to performing Surya Namaskara. He is way of teaching involves learning and perfecting each posture not just bio-mechanically but along with the breathing pattern involved. The depth of his knowledge of the human body is such that from 12 to 77 year olds, from physically fit to those with particular ailment; all who train under him have been able to achieve 108 Surya Namaskaras without any harm to the body and with ease.