Mindful painting

Introducing a new method of working on Mind and expressing thoughts through creative skills and breathing.Mindful Painting is combination of Visual arts and Yoga, Meditation.It is "Catharsis" process means releasing "Emotions".I would like to serve people through my experiences in fields of Visual arts(10+ years) and Yoga (8+ years)Nowadays many of us go through so much anxiety and stress because of work, family issues, poor mental and physical health, etc.

While we spend so much time on dealing with situations related to the outer world, we miss out the opportunity to discover our true inner self, and this makes us feel unhappy, depressed, unstable, and often lost.

During my experience working as a yoga teacher I have met so many people who had this problem, and what united them the most was the fear to express themselves and their inner conflicts.

As I am an active artist participating in exhibitions in different places, recently I have been experimenting with connecting visual arts and yoga, to see if this can help people to overcome the above-mentioned issues. And here I have come up with the idea of mindful painting where one can paint right after meditating for several minutes. Whatever thoughts and emotions the person experiences at that moment they visualize on the canvas helping them to relieve their soul and mind. This is a great way to recognize own reality and be in the present moment by bringing liveliness to people’s lives in the busy world. Mindful painting is useful for children, young people as well as adults as it helps to calm down the mind, improve the concentration and creativity skills, enrich the imagination.

One doesn’t need to be an artist but to have interest in connecting with their inner self. Be sure this experience will bring happiness and joy and inspire you to overcome existing physical and mental health issues.