(Realization of Mindfulness in 108 Suryanamaskars)

“If you practice anything regularly, consistently for a long period of time it will obviously start becoming spontaneous and intuitive.”

In 2009, during my certificate course exam I failed to perform first 2 steps of a single Suryanamskar as I was stressed. Stress was not allowing me to perform a single Suryanamskara cycle properly. I took this as a positive challenge and used it as my motivation to achieve more than 12 times Suryanamskar performance.

Suryanamaskar is performed in the sagittal plane (forward and backward bending). It is a sequence of forward and backward bending poses. The spine gets flexion and extension, but in two poses (Ek-pad-Prasaranasana & Akarshanasana) the spine gets marginal lateral flexion.

“Performing Suryanamaskar is like Mathematics and Science.”

The Suryanamaskar involves many angles and geometrical shapes. The entire body moves against and towards the gravity. Gravitational force greatly impacts the alignment of the body and muscles.
Since 30th March 2014, I have been practicing 108 times Suryanamaskars in Brahmamuhurta (4:30 am). The Suryanamskar has 12 steps and 7 yoga poses. Five Yogasanas are repeated twice in one cycle of Suryanamskar. Also, all the 12 steps involve a well-defined breathing pattern. There are 6 inhalations-exhalations and one breath hold in one cycle. Thus, in 108 Suryanamaskar practice, there are 648inhalations and exhalations if done properly Between the breath in and breath out there are 108 times breath hold to balance Surya and Chandra nadis.
There are two things that happen simultaneously in the Suryanamaskar practise: body movement and breath movement. Due to years of practice, I have realized that my breath has synchronised with body movement wherein the body and mind are aligned. Gradually, my breath has become more deep, light and long in each and every Yogasana. One more surprising thing that I noticed during Suryanamaskar performance was that my abdomen movement synchronized with my body movement according to the breath in and breath out pattern. I have observed that there is a strong breath pattern involved when I am performing Suryanamaskar. This breath pattern helps me to continue to perform 108 times Suryanamaskar without physical and mental exertion and it keeps me fresh in every single cycle.
Body movement and Abdomen movement synchronisation with strong breath pattern helped bring high consciousness of my body and mind with spontaneous breathing. This is my realization of regular practice of 108 Suryanamaskars. This practice gave me awareness of breathing and I apply it into my life in whatever I do. For example, at my job, sitting on computer, creating art, sipping chai, driving, etc.. I became naturally conscious of my breath.108 cycle practice keeps me more calm and silent the entire day in each and every situation. It alsohelps me more in difficulties. “If you are honest, sincere and dedicated towards yogic practices Everything will become understandable by itself “This way I realized Mindfulness in Suryanamaskar Practice.

“If you practice anything repeatedly it will not remain same and it will become Being”

I felt same during my 108 repetitions of the Suryanamaskar. I start living each and every yogasana in Suryanamaskar practice. It was no longer a boring or stereotypical practise to me.
After realization of my spontaneous breathing, I now focus more and more to improve and execute the same in my daily life to live and experience each and every moment happily and joyfully.

“If you are aware of the present moment without any judgement that will help you to keep stress and anxiety away from you.”

For me, Suryanamaskar performance is not physical exercise anymore and it is Mindfulness Practice”

Execution of Mindfulness Practice in my Mountain Climbing: During my climbing, I used to climb every day 6 to 10 hours for a week or two weeks. Sometimes I felt physically and/or mentally exerted. Surprisingly, I am not a professional climber. During this difficult moment I was just focused on my breathing and the belly movement. Due to this practice, I refreshed my mind and body in each and every step of my climbing. And, this practise alone, made it possible for me to not just scale the summit but also perform 108 Suryanamaskars on the top after climbing for hours that too in adverse climatic conditions. So during my journey in the mountains, mindfulness practice played an important role when my energy drove away. The mindfulness practice helps me to stay in present moment. It also regenerated my energy to go ahead with every step to achieve my aim to perform 108 Suryanamaskar on the top of the mountains in the world.

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