Pranayam - Breathing

The Surya Namaskara is a complete revitalization technique for the body, mind and soul. While invoking the energy of the sun, the sun salutation awakens the solar energy contained within the body enhancing ones physical and spiritual potential. The Surya Namaskara when performed together with pranayama or controlled breathing leads to a balanced physical and emotional state.


The breathing pattern followed during the Surya Namaskara:

  1. Namaskarasana (Salutation Position) – Breathe Out (Rechak)
  2. Upasthanasana (Raised Arm Position) – Breathe In (Purak)
  3. Padhastasana (Hand to Foot Position)– Breathe Out (Rechak)
  4. Ek-paad Prasaranasana (Equestrian Position) – Breathe In (Purak)
  5. Chatushkonasana (Mountain Position) – Breathe Out (Rechak)
  6. Ashatanga Pranipadasana (Eight Limbs Position) – Hold Your Breath (Bahya Kumbhak)
  7. Bhujangasana (Cobra Position) – Breathe In (Purak)
  8. Chatushkonasana (Mountain Position) – Breathe Out (Rechak)
  9. Ek-paad Akarshanasana (Equestrain Position) - Breathe In (Purak)
  10. Padhastasana (Hand to Foot Position) – Breathe Out (Rechak)
  11. Upasthanasana (Raised Arm Position) – Breathe In (Purak)
  12. Namaskarasana (Salutation Position) – Breathe Out (Rechak)


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