What is Right Breathing?

Everybody in the world begins inhaling and exhaling from the moment they are born but is the method to do correct? Or can it be improved upon? Though all humans have the same basic respiratory system, the application of breathing varies from person to person due to varying levels of anxiety and/or stress.

So, what ist he correct way to breath? According tot he bio-mechanics of respiratory system, abdomen or belly breathing is ideal. Many of us are not aware of this system. The ones who do are sometimes still not doing it right. This type of breathing doesn’t cause any mental or physical exertion. Instead, it helps in coursing oxygen through your body in a way that keeps the body fresh.

Among children, abdominal breathing is natural. As they grow up, the breathing style changes. Stress, anxiety and poor alignment in the body are just some of the causes. The modern lifestyle is very much sedentary and breaks the proper breathing style. But even in this sedentary lifestyle, it is possible to train the abdomen to move in rhythm with breathing. You can consciously train your abdomen to unconsciously move naturally when you inhale and exhale.