The Artist

Praveen Maripelly is an acclaimed Artist and Yoga Practitioner-Teacher based in Vadodara, Gujarat. Praveen has a formal academic background in art with a Masters in Visual Arts from The Fine Arts Faculty, M S University, India; Bachelors in Visual Arts from The Fine Arts Faculty, M S University, India and Bachelors in Visual Arts from P S Telugu University, Hyderabad.

Praveen’s tryst with art began at the age of eleven when a freak leg injury confined him to bed for a duration of 12 months. He found not just solace but a medium of self-expression in his drawings and paintings. Encouraged by his elders he took up art seriously academically and consequentially, professionally. Since 2009, he has been continuously contributing in the field of art through various exhibitions at museums and galleries, nationally and internationally. Praveen’s approach has been to incorporate modern technology along with traditional methods in his works in an attempt to aesthetically integrate his artistic practice with scientific techniques to examine deeper issues regarding the modern day preoccupation, addiction and overdependence upon gadgets, machines and technology. He has to his credit various solo, group and curated exhibitions. He has been awarded various prestigious awards, recognitions and scholarships for his work as an artist.

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